Dual mode


If cars on a congested road can enter the guideway and run non-stop at high speeds to their destination,

then congestion will be relieved, and traffic will move faster. BT is such a system for running cars at

regular speeds and intervals on a flat guideway, where the vehicles are only cars using automatic driving devices (ADDs).

If an ADD is fitted to a car, then the car can be driven on the road manually, and can enter the guideway by passing through

a terminal, whereby it can run along the guideway to quickly reach a terminal near its destination. 'Dual mode' means that the

vehicle can run both on the normal road and on the guideway. It maintains a level of convenience for the car owner, while

providing the benefit of enabling rapid movement of traffic on the guideway.


Therefore, dual mode will lead to a future solution to traffic needs, and dual-mode use in the BT system is the most

realistic transit method for useful operation. Using dual mode in the BT system confers the following advantages:

non-stop high-speed operation, high-frequency operation as on a highway, public-centered use, many varied destinations,

engineered structure to service the running of a large number of vehicles/cars, and it will operate at a profit in an urban area.


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